• $0 cuota de manejo $0 lifetime handling fee without conditions, minimums of use or fine print
  • Cashback ilimitado 1% limited cashback For all the physical and digital purchases you make, we will refund 1% in real money
  • ¡5% de cashback sin límites! 5% cashback without limits in all the purchases of your trips within rappi. Flights, hotel reservations and car rentals
  • Personal Banker Personal Banker no more bots or call centers! You will always have personalized human attention 24/7
  • Hacks RappiCard Hacks a space with benefits and unique experiences inside and outside of rappi
Mi cashback

What is it and how do I convert my cashback?

It is real money that we return to you for the purchases you make with the rappicard and you decide how to use it. we give you the option to convert it into:


Credits in rappi to buy whatever you want in the rappi app


Lifemiles miles (70 miles per dollar of accumulated cashback)


RappiCuenta real money in your rappi account (only rappipay)

Here you win cash back not little points

Cashback RappiCard

  • Doesnt expire
  • Convert it whener you want
  • No limited catalogues
  • You know how much cashback you will recieve from each purchase

Points from other cards

  • Have expiration date
  • Give you limited options on where to redeem them
  • They have terms and conditions at the moment you want to redeem
  • You don’t know how many points you will receive for each purchase
Mi cashback

Mercado Shop

Ciudad de México

Mar. 25 de enero 2021 .09:07

-$567.900 +5.879


Lima, Perú

Sab. 30 de enero 2021 .18:55

-$35.200 +352



Lun 12 de enero 2021 .13:26

-$1.455.200 +14.552

The rappicard vs. the others

Features Rappi Card Rappi Card

The credit card that you use

Otras tarjetas
Handling fee: check No handling fee no check Pay up to $300.000 anually
Rewards: check 1% cashback for each purchase no check Accumulate points and miles that expire and don’t know how much they are worth
Benefits: check 5% caschback in the rtips that you buy with rappi no check Discounts
Help/service: check Personal Banker 24/7 no check Call centers and offices
Requests: check 5 minutes from the phone. Your purchases in rappi count to credit no check Excesive amount of documents and a line in the office
Platform: check Everything is controlled from the Rappi super App no check They have apps with limited functions.

*Source: CNC observer, approximate values and benefits published from the webpages of each transmitter